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Introduction to Amexcare

Amexcare is a professional medical coding, billing & collection service provider with its head office based in the USA. We specialize in the complete management of foreign insurance claims on behalf of medical institutions who treat patients with non-domestic heath or travel insurance policies.

What do we do?

We represent medical institutions before foreign insurance companies and support their international operations by preparing and submitting claims and ensuring that they get reimbursed for services provided.

Why is this sector important?

There is a large market of foreign nationals living or travelling abroad, the majority with non-domestic health and travel insurance policies. For this reason, there is a need for medical providers to accept these international policies and manage the claims on behalf of their patients. However, accepting foreign insurance policies and subsequently preparing the claims can be a complicated and time consuming.

‘We offer the Amexcare Alternative’

Principal Benefits of Amexcare

Our business model is unique and offers various benefits:

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Savings in time, money and human resources -

By partnering with Amexcare, medical institutions can free up time and human resources to focus on core business activities.

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Direct channel for claims -

Amexcare assumes the role as the point of contact with insurers and becomes the direct channel for all foreign insurance claims.

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Improved efficiency -

All claims are prepared, coded and submitted according to the requirements and standards of the respective insurance provider, streaming operations.

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Established relationships with foreign insurers -

Our experience in the sector means that we have well-developed relationships with health and travel insurers from across the world specifically in the US, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia etc.

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Guarantee of payment ´GOP’ -

Amexcare will obtain the GOP which formally and legally guarantees that the invoice for services will be paid in full. Once obtained, Amexcare will take full responsibility for the claim.

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Promotion -

AMEXCAREAMEXCARE will promote the services of your hospital or medical clinic with the community of travelers, and expatriates residing in the region.